Satellite map of Russia with streets and house numbers


Why do you need a high-resolution satellite map?

  1. You can view your locality from a bird's eye view 
  2. Find interesting objects nearby 
  3. Explore the terrain 
  4. Find the wonders of the world and unusual places 
  5. Explore the 17 million square kilometers of the Russian Federation 

Satellite map of Russia

The new clear satellite map of Russia is working online.It is made in good quality from a high-resolution satellite, it contains the names of cities and streets, addresses of houses.It is most often searched for the Vasyugan swamps, the Putorana plateau, airfields and Vostochny Cosmodrome Imagery: Volgograd, Murmansk, Ivanovo, Magadan, Kostroma, Moscow, Samara and Saratov View fresh deforestation borders and fire damage in Sverdlovsk Oblast and Primorsky Krai Best interactive map in hybrid mode can show real-time location of highways .On the most accurate a world map from Yandex, in addition to the regions of the north-west of the Russian Federation, they usually analyze the road map of Ukraine. It does not need to be downloaded and installed on Android from Google. The competitor is Wikipedia's Wikimapia, which has a big drawback: it is old and rarely updated.

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