Houston Traffic Map, Road Conditions and Weather


Houston Traffic Map, Real-Time Road Conditions: Jams, Freeway Closures, Accident Report

Real-time Houston traffic map, state of Texas, United States. The map provides accurate and fresh information about current road conditions on Fairway Dr, Lakeview Dr, Parkbriar Ln. Traffic congestion on public roads is a condition that occurs as vehicle use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds. Check freeway closures, accident report on city's roads today. Stay updated with online Houston map on Braesview Dr, Koester St, Amesbury Ct and the surrounding areas. Do not waste time. Make your route avoiding jams. Save gas. Find actual information right now: the degree of road congestion in color, the speed of the traffic flow, the places of repair works. Houston.

Weather in Houston

Temperature  °F,  , humidity  %.
Minimum temperature at the moment  °F, maximum  °F.
Wind speed   miles/hour. Cloudiness  %
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